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Color Code: inside the creative process

In the design process, a jewelry piece acquires its own unique personality. From literature to nature, each piece tells a unique story. It is exciting to realize how many of our collections are nurtured by different universes of colors and chromatic palettes are really a vital part of the inspiration process and the formalization of a piece. Each tone reflects an essence and a feeling, linked to intuition, the personal experiences of the creative team and continuous teamwork.

Many of the jewelry in the PDPAOLA collection share the color as a guide. Both in basic designs and in those that gather greater personality, the tones are intertwined in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets as the common thread that connects the inspiration and the reality of each piece. Always tied to the main symbolism or inspiration of the collection, the colors give way to completely different design scenarios, and we wanted to share some with you:

Ombré earrings are governed by light sapphire blue touches that merge with a natural aura. As their name indicates, this is our definition of blooming.

Five earrings combine corundum sapphire blue, rhodolite, golden yellow, pure white, and champagne hues that twist this piece, taking on the natural beauty of wildlife.

Zaza ring is protagonized by a majestic green mother of pearl base and white crystals resting over it, a light-catching buzzing queen.

One by one, each stone is placed and set by hand, making these pieces the perfect memorandum of a unique and handmade process. Subject to powerful meanings, the colors speak for themselves. Intense greens, sapphire blues, pure whites and deep yellows appear as a modern symphony in each of the jewelry pieces.
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