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Seriously, very doggie.

It is often said that not only dogs and their owners look alike, but that they even share personality traits. The resemblances can be so striking in fact, that dogs, just like humans, change with time influenced by their owners and experiences. There is even scientific research that backs this up!

However, in our case, we didn't need to look much further than our most recent photoshoot for the latest campaign of PDPAOLA to notice the affinity between pet owners their four-legged friends. Indeed, just like us, they also have a story and a name that connects with our story.

For this reason, and inspired by our Letters collection, we wanted to honour the unconditional love of our furry companions, and we created a series of Limited Edition Letter Pet Charms to celebrate the strength of the human-canine and feline bond.

Then, we gathered up a group of amazing friends of PDPAOLA and their adorable and unique four-legged companions to showcase real-life examples of how the relationship between pets and owners can be extraordinary and genuine.

First up, we have Chicco and Frank, two adorable and well-behaved pugs, which showed their most sociable side. They belong to Luis, who works with us in the IT department and just like him, they're calm and reserved.

Chicco (on the right) is an older dog and was abandoned. However, Luis recounts that, since he has him by his side, he's become very happy and loves the company of Frank.

Akira is a beautiful Akita (a breed of Japanese origin). Its owners Anna and Eli Batet (Anna is business development PDPAOLA) say she is a pretty presumptuous dog, but very affectionate and sweet.

Noticing that Anna and Eli are always elegant and stylish, we're not surprised to learn that Akira is gets professional grooming every month; this why she's looking as sharp her owners at all times.

Meanwhile, Lila and Jane, two energetic and playful Dalmatians, tried the patience of the photographer as they kept jumping up and running back and forth during the session.

Luckily, Abel, their owner, has the dynamic personality to keep up with them. He knows his pooches love playing with tennis balls, so he did exactly that until we had a perfect shot. "When these two get together, they're always mischievous," he explains.

But of course, we couldn't leave the felines out! Meet Bubba, a docile and charming British shorthair. His owner Ariadna Soto, who is a hand model for PDPAOLA, says that Bubba loves to be stroked and pampered.

At times, he is somewhat of a nervous cat, which can make him sweat and loose hair. However, we couldn't stop caressing Bubba's soft fur and appreciating how adorable he is.

As all of our campaign stars and animal lover know, our pets make for some of the best companions we could ever want. They play with us, welcome us when we get home, and can make us feel like the most special person on earth.

Sometimes, when we get caught up in the day-to-day, we can forget how beautiful and important they are. By trying to capture a part of their soul, and those of their owners, we can remember their story once again.

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