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From your mindset to the wardrobe, how to be a boss in everything you do in life

Have you ever seen those women who have a million things going on and wondered how on earth they keep it all together? Far beyond the literal sense of being the head of your enterprise or having a top position in a company, being a boss is really about taking charge and building the life that you truly want.

You may think bosses are 'born naturally,' and some are. But it's also true that any woman can build herself up to become whatever she wants. No one said it's easy, but we can learn to become leaders along the way.

So here's the deal, everything you do on a daily basis matters, what you do matters today. It all begins with these 'tiny' things called habits that influence every aspect of your life and are a crucial factor in how successful you become.

It all starts with your state of mind. Then it goes from how you get organized and how you treat your body to the clothes and accessories you choose. To make others take you seriously, begin by taking yourself seriously because you're here to succeed!

Your time is precious.

You're a boss, and you get stuff done. It begins with being very careful with how you use your time and getting as organized as possible. Set your goals for the day the night before. If you have to wake up thinking about what you need to that day, you're already behind.

It's not about perfection. It's about making progress every day on your professional and personal goals and allocating time every day to what needs to be done to reach that next milestone in your life. So put it down on paper and make it happen!

No Time for Drama

True, the world wants to label us ladies as emotional creatures when compared to men. But it's not about not just about feelings (hey, they feel too) it's about owning our emotions when things get tricky and maintaining the focus.

Don't let any hostility get to you and keep negativity at bay. Take a step back if necessary, but never let yourself get sucked into the drama of someone or an event; this will derail you from seeing the situation objectively and taking the correct actions.

Be honest with yourself and those around you.

As it happens with resumés, sometimes, it's ok to dress up a few things here and there to make a good impression, but don't overdo it. If at the start of any relationship, be it friends coworkers or partners, you find yourself lying; it will eventually catch up with you and strip you of your power. Not only in the eyes of others, but it will also leave you drained and disappointed in yourself.

A boss always tries to lift the people around them and push them to their full potential. It's ok to show some parts of you that are not perfect. It's all right to show some vulnerability; it's what makes us all human at the end of the day.

Dress the part

Now that you're mind is in the right place (or getting there), don't underestimate the power of the correct dress code when it comes to influence and authority. While it's true that your clothing choices don't define you or what you're capable of, they can positively influence how you feel and how you project yourself.

Sometimes the right outfit can be all you need for that extra boost of inner confidence. It's about feeling like a boss and acing the right pieces to help you carry yourself accordingly.

Borrowing suits from the boys might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about power dressing. And while it's true that this has been the concept for decades, today instead of suiting up like a man to depict power, women are bending the codes to their comfort, convenience and personal style.

Find pieces that express who you are, that show your personality through your sense of style. You want to be able to walk into a room and have the focus be on what you're saying, not wearing. It has to feel natural not forced.

Start by having a couple of outfits or strong pieces in your closet that make you feel like your best self, whether it's a bold blazer, a great pair of jeans or statement boots. Have a look around your closet, have an Internet adventure to find inspiration.

For instance, heels and classic button-down shirts are not mandatory anymore. A slick pair of trainers with a suit can be comfy and still look put-together. Meanwhile, basics like a tucked-in graphic tee, are also a refreshing alternative to the typical office blouses.

Some women opt for Statement dresses and bold prints, and others like to keep it streamlined with basic pieces, today there are countless ways to ace your game-day look. Find what makes you feel the most empowered.

Get the right jewelry.

It doesn't have to be expensive or particularly fancy, but don't underestimate how the right jewels for your face —and outfit —can elevate your 'boss power'. Sometimes it's easy to forget to accessorize, but any attempt is better than none.

Try different pieces with the same outfit to see which ones you like best. Then mix it up, try different items on different outfits in front of a full-length mirror, preferably. Combine length, metals, colors and textures. Layer necklaces, stack up bracelets, have some fun and try something different!

If you're a lover of classic dainty pieces, with small stones and precious metals, a signature necklace like the Letter Necklace is a strong statement of style and identity. The shape of the letter will make you stand out (like a boss), but it remains delicate enough to be worn throughout the day. Compliment it with earrings like the Salma and bracelet like the Asana, for example.

Let's say you're wearing a boyfriend t-shirt and suit combo to a client meeting. Pair it with daring earrings, like the Muze Gold, they work on almost every face shape, especially round, square and oval. If your hair is above chin-length or you'd like to wear it up, the Giselle Earrings will frame your face beautifully. It's all about balance!

Whether you opt for a t-shirt or blouse under your blazer, dress-up your neck with a piece like the Elija Necklace — it will instantly add a touch of sparkle and colour to your top half, especially if you're the kind who likes to stick to neutral color palettes.

Let's not forget that how you wear your hair also plays a role. For ponytails or an up-do, choose dangly earrings that are delicate, or let discrete yet stylish pieces like the Kaya or the Alia Earrings accentuate your face. On good hair days, let it all down and don a sassy, 90s inspired look with the Electra Earrings.

These are just a few ideas to help your style follow your fantastic boss mindset. At the end of the day, it's about finding a formula that works for you. From the routine and organization method that makes you the most productive and happy, to the look that empowers you to take on any obstacle or situation at hand. One thing is certain: you will glow from within like a real boss.

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