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How Do You Mum? Honoring the best (& most difficult) job in the world

Being a mom can come in all sorts of forms and styles. From the perfectionist, the unpredictable and the old-school traditional to the free-spirited and best friend kind of mom; there's no one way of parenting.

Every type is valuable and brings something unique to the table, and probably most moms will find a little bit of themselves in every kind of mothering style.

But no matter how similar or different are the personality traits of mums, something is certain: they are all trying to give their kids the best chance at success and happiness.

In honour of all the lovely mothers out there, moms-to-be and maternal figures, we've spoken to a series of wonderful women about what advice they have given, their vulnerable moments, their beautiful unique and imperfect ways of giving love and asked them #HowDoYouMum?

Conversations with MERCEDES

“My kids make me lose my patience, and they have taught me to be more patient at the same time. I have a 17-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son.

You have to listen to them, observe, understand them and trust them. I try to have good communication with them so I can guide them in finding their own path.

You learn so much from your children. As adults, sometimes you are in a bad mood or worried about something, and they come with their beautiful view of the world make us laugh and teach us how to see things differently.

They help you appreciate the little things and show us that the simplest things are sometimes the best. They show us that we are not alone in this world and that everything is magical.”

Conversations with SUZY

“I would say we have a more 'big-little sister' relationship that a formal 'mother-daughter' one. I am far from a perfect mum and I started quite late.

Suzy says that her (single) mum style is "far too informal" with her daughter, who is adopted. She admits that it has been to try to make up for the first 8 years of her life which were tough, "I've been giving her far too much leeway," she says, adding that she's lacked disciplinary skills.

We are quite affectionate with each other. My parents weren't particularly good at that, so I try to make up for it. We laugh a lot, and I try to diffuse difficult situations with humour, which works most of the time.

I have always been a calm person, but the teenage years have been the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I have felt lonely, desperate, sorrowful, the deepest of despair. We are coming out of it now, but I think I probably aged about 10 years.

People often ask me if I would adopt again. I wouldn't, but that doesn't mean I regret it.”

Conversations with TEJA

“I would describe my mom style as using humor, holding my children to a high standard when it comes to commitments and education, but also giving them space to do their own things.

I am very traditional when it comes to showing respect, minding manners, and giving importance to education. My sons are 16 and 12.

I'm scared of messing up Every. Single. Day. But, I know I'm not perfect. I yell at my sons, probably more than I should. But I also see my job as being a bit inconsistent because life isn't perfect, and neither are the people they will have to deal with throughout their lives.

Motherhood is complicated and often we are told by society that we can only feel one way about it.”

Conversations with ANI

“Every mom struggles with self-doubt about whether they are good or bad parents. Everyone has their way of doing things. I am a mother of three, two girls of 11 and 10, and a 7-year-old boy.

For me, it's hard when I have to tell my kids off, especially my youngest one, I feel I'm breaking his heart. But I have to; if I don't, it's worse in the long run, he'll know he can get away with anything.

I believe that the most important mission of mothers is to make your children feel that you love them above all things. A mother can forgive any mistake they make. Whatever they do, your love for them will never change.

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