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How to create a highly versatile jewelry collection

Jewelry wardrobe??? If this term is new to you, it basically translates the concept of “closet essentials” (or must-have items) to the jewelry world.

The idea is to select key and very versatile pieces that can work in different situations, from the formality of a job interview to the more casual mood of a Sunday brunch, and thus have an all-round jewelry collection.

If having your own jewelry wardrobe appeals to you, read on and you will discover the 5 must-have jewelry pieces that can't be missing in your jewelry box.

1/ Solitaire ring

The solitaire ring is characterized by its minimalism and elegance: a stone (usually a diamond) is the centerpiece of the jewel. A king of versatility and a must in your jewelry box, it will work with all your outfits.

Besides, it offers many styling options, since you can wear it alone or stacked with other rings with or without stones, even on the same finger.

Finally, if you decide to invest in a solitaire ring, we recommend that you invest in the solitaire par excellence: crafted in gold with a diamond the size of your choice, such as the Solitaire Mini ring.

2/ Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a jewelry icon that make a difference in any look, so we definitely encourage you to include one in your jewelry collection.

It is the perfect bracelet for day-to-night looks: its sparkle will add glamour to everyday outfits, and will be the perfect ally for the evening looks.

What’s more, this season they made a huge comeback and will undoubtedly remain a staple piece that will never go out of style.

3/ Plain hoops

A white shirt is a must in any closet, right? Well, the same goes for a pair of plain hoops. An incredibly versatile piece, the main advantage of hoops is that they are very comfortable and go with everything, so we can't leave them out of our capsule collection.

It doesn't matter if they are silver or gold, medium or small, but we do recommend that they are plain so that they are easy to style and you can wear them endlessly.

4/ Statement jewel

You might think that a capsule collection is made of basic or more classic jewelry, but the truth is that for your collection to be complete, it should also include a statement piece.

Statement jewelry pieces are usually large in size or have an original and more striking design. An example is the Large Signature Chain necklace, a chunky chain with architectural lines that will transform any look.

5/ Dainty necklace

Last but not least, a subtle and delicate necklace is a must in any jewelry box. As with rings, the solitaire necklace is the king of subtlety: elegant, dainty and simple, it is an everyday piece of jewelry that goes with everything, including other necklaces.

You can also choose necklaces with a pendant with a special meaning, either in the shape of a padlock or a letter, or choose the motif you like the most, from a flower to geometric shapes.
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