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INSIDE PDPAOLA: Meet our Teams

It is said that a logo, products, or services represent a brand - true, but it is certainly much more than that. In addition to other intangible and emotional factors, a brand is the result of the time, knowledge, and experience of each person who is part of it. And we are well aware of that.

This is why we wanted to immortalize the PDPAOLA fam and tell you more about some of our teams.


Our creative team shapes the products, look, and voice of the brand. Always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration, it's definitely the place for curious and creative minds.

Each member of the creative team has a unique and essential role in creating the PDPAOLA identity.

Our product design team is the one in charge of envisioning each collection or launch. Once it’s ready, the creative team builds a micro-universe that comes to life in images and words. Each campaign is the result of hours and hours of work, meetings and brainstorming (a word that creatives love).

“I like that no two weeks are the same, our projects range from illustrations for our magazine, to materials for new collection launches or web and social media campaigns. As the brand grows, we grow with it: new projects arise, and we approach our work in a way we wouldn't have thought of just two years ago.” Lucía, Graphic Designer, Design team


The guardians of our beloved website. The IT team takes good care of anything related to our website: layout, coding, testing… Those sci-fi words.

As a digitally native brand, they are instrumental in our company since they make sure the systems are working smoothly to keep the business running.

“The IT team's goal is to make the customer's life easier. To do this, we observe and study the elements of our website, we think of how to modify them to offer a better experience and always try to go the extra mile.” Pedro, Core & B2B Tech Lead


The Marketing department is the place where data, numbers, and creativity coexist. From the PR department to the E-commerce one, our Marketing team knows the drill: customer needs, trends, strategies and all-things-social.

“Our online presence is not based on telling the consumer who PDPAOLA is, or trying to impose a brand image. It is a space where we create content that is a reflection of our community and all the values we share with it.” Anna, Social Media Manager


We know how much customers matter. As such, it is essential for us to offer the best customer experience, and this is where our Customer Service team plays a crucial role.

Customer service implies more than answering post-purchase emails. It involves accompanying customers throughout their interaction with the brand, whether before, during or after the shopping process, and hopefully putting a smile on their faces while doing so (which is why we call them “Happiness Ambassadors”).

“Our team is made up of different talents, and the resulting mix is incredibly harmonious. I think what sets us apart is the empathy with which we handle customer queries: we try to connect with our clients and to make them feel unique at all times.” Adriana, Happiness Ambassador

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