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Let's talk about ear piercings

Inspired by punk culture and the 80s, the art and beauty of piercings become the key to any of our seasonal looks. Ear piercings such as tragus, daith, helix, nose piercings or navel piercings gained popularity when personalities from the musical sphere began to decorate their bodies with pieces of high end jewelry. For some years now, this trend has been reinvented, starting off with a freshness in design and betting on the accessibility of these accessories.

Combining piercings of different sizes and volumes can achieve a very powerful visual result. Mixing, for example, hoop earrings with pin earrings and dangle earrings adds a lot of dynamism. In addition, if we play with the metal colors combining gold plated jewelry with sterling silver designs, the mix can be quite ​​explosive. Let’s not be afraid and take some risks when creating these looks. When it comes to ear piercings, the risk is always the winner. The asymmetry between the two ears can add even more dynamism and it is always more fun.

Another option is to look for a “controlled minimalism”. As the pure Scandinavian style, it is also interesting to exclusively wear small earrings such as gold hoops or small pin earrings and recreate the same combination in both ears. The essentials collection is perfect to do so, with which we can create everyday outfits, those that you don’t take off either to sleep or in the shower. It is a generally the less risky option, although it is very practical and also very cool.

No seasons in mind, there is a third way to enhance those precious bare ears. Play with the color palettes on the stones. Everything is valid in terms of shapes, so the main goal is to find a match between the different tones. Imagine combining the Musketeer gold earrings with your zodiac's earrings and the La Bamba gold earrings set, all in the same earSeveral holes will be necessary, yes! But how nice would it look, don’t you think?

Would you rather not wear piercings? If the idea of ​​wearing several holes in your ears does not suit you but instead you like the aesthetic of “more is more”, ear cuffs will be your new best friend. Creating a false but imperceptible effect of multiple perforations, we have designed a couple of earrings that have already become part of the masterpieces of the collection: discover the Pegasus gold earrings and the Willow gold earrings, a fantasy of color that will make you vibrate without having to pierce.

So far, the brief dissertation on the multiple possibilities that the world of piercings offers us. We can't really say that these are the only formulas, because ultimately, imagination is the best exercise to give your ears a life beyond. We challenge you!
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