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Light up! The Importance of getting your spaces lit the right way

Light plays an essential role in our daily lives. It is perhaps the single most important factor of visual comfort. It influences our mood and can have a significant effect on our productivity and rest. For this reason playing with natural or artificial light can completely transform a space and expand its decorative possibilities.

Whether it's large or small, decorated with precious objects or the most minimalistic furniture, no space is complete without adequate lighting.

Experts recommend paying special attention to lighting design and planning before starting a construction or a renovation project. This will save you from unnecessary expenses.

Designer experts recommend mixing at least three different types of light sources in each space:
· A main or central ceiling lamp that illuminates the entire space.
· Secondary lights. These can be, for example, wall lights that illuminate the wall themselves or to highlight an object of art. These can also be table lamps with lampshades. This setting brings intimacy to the environment.
· Third; task lights where activities that need a lot of lighting are performed.

This also applies to bedrooms, where light intensity is also very important to achieve adequate rest and not have the feeling of being in an interrogation room. The individual reading bedside light is especially important to take care of your eyes and enhance the space.

The basics of lighting require certain areas to be well defined and lit like the kitchen, office, reading space, wardrobe and makeup stand, as well as manual work areas.

But take into account that this recommended lighting mix can also become decorative on its own. Have fun with it! Placing a boldly designed central lamp in a living room becomes the central focus of attention. In addition, it provides the right amount of light and beautifies the space. The secondary lights must be discreet so as not to distract from their central role, which is accentuating the main piece.

In modern light decorations you don't need to spend as much money as with furniture or other home objects. A boring and dimly lit space can be dramatically transformed into the perfect place to welcome friends,only with a few lighting tweaks.

For instance, a corner lit with natural light is ideal for having breakfast on Sundays. Lamps that project soft white light prevent shadows, while coloured ones create a hot spot that adds dimension to a room.

Try customized screens or lampshades, vintage ones and play with different styles. Led bulbs, halogens or fluorescent tubes also give tonnes of options for decorating and functionality. What’s more, these help us save energy.

Led strips also can provide us with sufficient light for a wardrobe, which can save us from picking the wrong clothes! Don’t underestimate how some few lighting changes can make a huge difference.

Decorative lighting is there to create a significant visual impact. Experts insist that all light sources must have dimmers. Perhaps a well-lit dinner can be eternalized in an intimate table setting just by lowering the intensity of the light and lighting candles.

Also a well-lit office for work meetings can be transformed with a good table or floor lamp with diffusive lampshade. This can turn it into a place that invites you to relax and be productive at the same time.

In the end, lighting is indisputably an important tool in your home decor arsenal and should never be overlooked. How you incorporate lighting into your home or office interiors defines the mood of the space and has a significant impact on its perception. Take your time, do your research and get inspired. Nothing will beat how much more cosy and stimulating your impeccably lit place will be!

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