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Recycled Gold: about our Fine Jewelry collection

All that glitters is not gold… Okay, true, but what if it is indeed gold and it is recycled?

The first PDPAOLA Fine Jewelry collection is crafted from recycled gold, which combines the highest quality and durability with the contemporary essence of this material. Taking on the classic meaning of gold, recycled gold asserts the environmental and social responsibility we are working towards.

The most precious metal

Associated with wealth, protection, divinity or the sun, gold can signify a whole range of powerful things and has been worshiped for centuries, making this magical metal an icon of wealth and glamour.

Whether talking about recycled gold or classic gold, the quality and purity is measured the same way: in Karats. All the pieces in our Fine collection are made with 18K recycled gold. This means that 18 parts are pure gold and the remaining 6 parts are a mix of other metals, like palladium. Gold in its pure form is not strong enough, so it needs the addition of other metals to craft durable and sturdy jewelry pieces.

But what exactly is recycled gold?

As ethics are changing the game, consumers are looking for more sustainable options. Recycled gold (as its name suggests) is made of recycled metals no longer in use that can include wasted or unused metal or melted gold-bearing products. And the best part is that it maintains gold’s essence and quality while adapting it to today's needs.

Gold has intricate human and environmental costs. However, by using recycled gold we are opting for a more environmentally friendly option and giving gold the second life it deserves: beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Recycled gold also has different alloys, allowing for different colours of gold and hues. Our Fine Jewelry collection includes white and yellow gold pieces, like earrings, rings and necklaces. White gold is made by mixing yellow gold with other metals like platinum or palladium, which gives it its elegant white tone.

Look for the stamp

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the ultimate institution that works to control gold’s supply chain. To manage and legislate its usage, RJC certifies the origins of recycled gold with a specific label: Chain of Custody (CoC). This certification means that the metals used to make your jewel are ethical, responsible and sustainable.

Our Fine Jewelry pieces are stamped with an oval stamp with numbers that stand for the gold content and the lab’s code as well as the brand’s stamp (PDP).

Hopefully this brief introduction to recycled gold made you feel as excited as we are about our Fine Jewelry collection because, after all, a gold jewel will be treasured forever.

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