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All Styles Welcome: a Ring Stack for every Mood

RING TREND ALERT! Who said rings were created to be worn on their own? When it comes to jewelry, the more the merrier. If you are a ring lover, chances are you are either in the stack department or you are fully considering jumping into this jewelry trend.

Stacking jewelry is the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity and have fun along the way: there are endless styling possibilities for you to choose from and there are really no right or wrongs. Adorning your fingers with multiple rings allows you to display your personal style and elevate any look.

However, layering rings can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Feeling stuck? No worries, we got you covered. Check out our basic guide on how to build your ring stack and get inspired to find your stack look suitable for any occasion.

  • Mix & match metals: playing it safe is boring. Experiment with different metals to give your daily stack an original touch. Unsure about how far to go? We recommend picking one main metal and then adding one or two pieces of your second metal color. Gold & silver don’t have to compete anymore.
  • All styles invited: the best part of a ring stack is that all styles are on the guest list. If you feel adventurous, mix different pieces to add some spice to the look. Signet rings, eternity rings, small bands… every ring becomes stackable. Even the solitary! Pro tip: combine a wider ring like a signet with a slim band to create a more textured style.
  • Pick a front-runner: first things first. If in doubt, choose a statement ring that works well with others to become the focal point of your stack. Adorn one finger with a bold ring, like a diamond signet, and let it be the star of the show while you complement it with smaller bands.
  • Don’t overdo it: in balance we trust. In overdoing it, not so much. As exciting as ring layering can get, try not to go too crazy about it. Leave at least one finger bare to leave some breathing space and create balance between your charms. Effortless look makes the cut.
  • Break the rules: when it comes to ring stacking, no rules apply. So feel free to break them. The whole point of stacking jewelry is to get creative and playful while exploring the endless combinations. There are no right or wrongs.


We believe that any event -as small as it may be- is the perfect excuse to show off multiple rings. Whether it’s a friends’ night out or a casual date, there is a stylish stack out there waiting to be discovered.

business casual ring stack


You have an important meeting or you simply have survived your work week, the thing is: you are in your boss lady mood and you want a stacked look that works well with both the office setting and the after work drinks/date. For a treat-yourself-because-you-deserve-it stack, layer a statement-maker like the Square Shimmer Stamp Ring and the Triangle Shimmer Stamp Ring with the Aqua Solitary Ring and the Lace Stamp Ring to nail a timeless style.

the everyday ring stack


Who said you can’t keep it comfy and fancy? It doesn’t matter if you are taking your kids to school or attending your painting classes, you can still incorporate diamonds into your everyday stack and wear jewelry that feels like second skin. Bring the easy elegance of dainty pieces into your everyday by combining the Diamonds and Gold Alice Stamp Ring with the Rain Solitary Ring and the Diamond and Gold Ari Solitary Ring. Small stacks are powerful too!

the night out ring stack


If the evening is your comfort zone, let the stack party begin. Be it a disco plan, a dinner with friends, or THAT concert, you want to get ring-noticed and the night is just the time for large stacks. Mix metals and dainty bands with chunkier stamps to nail a mesmerizing look. Our gold or silver Sugar Ring Set and our Berlin Ring work together so well. Pair it with the Karry Stamp Silver Ring and you’ll be night out ring approved.

the celebration ring stack


A birthday (yours or your cat’s), Mother's Day, your bff’s getting engaged (or divorced), you are finally getting that apartment… you name it. Pop the champagne and wear stackable rings that are worthy of the occasion. The Gold Vicky Stamp Ring and the Octet Stamp Ring are statement pieces that can be paired together to match the joyful mood. Add the Gold Celeste Ring if you want to create the perfect golden stack.

Feel like you already master this jewelry trend? Whatever ring stack you choose, the important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it and that you are not afraid to combine a variety of rings and go in a full explorer mood. Let your stack speak for you.
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