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Signet rings: Put an initial on it

Spotted in the fingers of Popes or fashionistas, signet rings are definitely a jewelry icon. Even though their current use has nothing to do with its origins, signet rings have become a symbol of timelessness and personalization.

Its origins

Among kings and emperors, the signet ring was born with the purpose of becoming a mark of authenticity. A jewel that members of the best families flaunted on their pinky fingers. Over time, however, its main function became the signing of important documents. The rings, engraved with the family initials in reverse, were dipped into hot wax to achieve a perfect seal.

Although the beginning of this long history tells that signet rings were exclusive and elitist pieces, in the 19th century the story changed. The signet rings became popular and people began to style them until they were considered a piece of jewelry and not a classist symbol.

Today, signet rings remain an essential piece of jewelry that we can customize and wear according to our taste.

Like fingerprints

Hands are an important part of our self-presentation, what people notice when they meet us. That's why it's so important to find a ring that speaks of who you are. A ring that you can't get bored of. And this is where signet rings come into play. A classical and elegant jewel that gives you the possibility to wear it freely on different fingers according to your personality or even to combine it with more chic rings.

But what really moves us today is the fact of feeling represented in everything we do. To know who we are, our identity. The signet rings allow us to express feelings, dates and memories so that they will always remain with us. There will never be two identical ones. That is why it is a very personal and intimate piece. It could even be considered as our own fingerprints.

Make a ring your stamp

When choosing your signet ring, consider your personal style and what you would like to engrave (or not) on it. The signet ring world includes designs in a variety of shapes such as circular, square and octagonal. If you're looking for a more contemporary, minimalist design, go for a thin, rectangular stamp like the Ribbon. If you want a statement ring to engrave your initials and celebrate yourself, choose a round or octagonal stamp like the Octet. And finally, if you want your ring to shine as well as being engraved, go for a design decorated with stones, such as the Lace.

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