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Solved: which earrings to choose according to your hairstyle

Earrings and hairstyles have always had a love-hate relationship. Why? Well, framing our faces is not always easy and matching our hairstyle with a pair of earrings to make the most of our look can sometimes seem like really hard work. But if you manage to get this pairing right (together with your outfit) you’ll create the look.

Another key aspect to keep in mind is your face shape and length: the secret to matching earrings with your hairstyle is finding the perfect harmony between your face shape and the other two elements, earrings and hairstyle.

It might sound like there’s too many players involved in this game, but do not despair. After some intensive research we’ve come to realize that if you follow some basic guidelines you’ll be able to get it right.

Earrings for the hair down

Choosing a pair of earrings when you wear the hair down is easy. The only downside here might be that those earrings will be mostly hidden by your hair, so if you choose to wear a bright, long pair of earrings they might not gain all the attention they deserve. So, what is the best option? A pair of stud earrings: simple but bold. Match the metal hues with colorful crystals that will add a bit of sparkle to your face.

Earrings for the ponytail hairstyle

If your ponytail is high and your face is long, the perfect pair of earrings will be hoops. With a minimal yet powerful aesthetic, this pairing will create the perfect contrast, giving the illusion that the face has more width. If, in contrast, you have a round face and you wear a ponytail, your perfect pair of earrings will be long ones, as they will elongate your face. And if you are looking for a more fancy touch, choose the same style of earrings decorated with semiprecious stones or crystals, they’ll elevate your look instantly!

Earrings for the chignon hairstyle

If you wear the hair into a side bun or at the nape of your neck, your earrings will become the focus of attention. Letting your shoulders and neckline open, the best option is to balance your face shape with a pair of long drop earrings, perfect to add an eye-catching touch to your full look. The chignon hairstyle is usually chosen as a hairstyle for formal occasions, so the ideal earrings are the long and delicate ones.

Earrings for the short hair

Short hair is the most versatile hairstyle when it comes to choosing your earrings. Ear Cuffs are a great option, because they will add a fresh and edgy touch. Good news: even if you have an elongated or round face, these earrings will suit you. This earrings-hairstyle combo will create the perfect clash of a boyish hairstyle with the more feminine, delicate touch of the earrings.

Earrings for the curly hair

We know, your hair already has a lot of drama and movement, which can sometimes feel challenging enough. But finding the right earrings is easier than you think: a pair of stud earrings is perfect for your everyday looks, as they are an ally against hair tangling. But if you want to spice up your look, opt for a pair of hoops. Epic and sexy, like Olivia Newton-John as Sultry Sandy in Grease.

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