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The desired tutorial: how to untangle your chains

How many times has the chain of one of your necklaces got tangled? How many times have you broken a necklace in the process of untangling it? Don't worry, you are not alone in this war. It's weird to think that someone hasn't lived through this nightmare. Many times it is due to the laziness that we all carry inside, that makes us not store our necklaces correctly. Others, it occurs during the day, when we wear more than one necklace and they end up entangling and merging in our neck. And the consequences are dire! Many of our favorite necklaces can end up abandoned for the fear of not knowing how to solve this mess.

Lay the tangled chains on a smooth surface, remove any items you may have on top to work comfortably. This will also be the time to make a real assessment of how many necklaces have been tangled and how many knots you are facing :)

  • Separate the chains that are more tangled than the rest to classify the ones that need more work. Let's start with the most complicated, so we will practice with those and we’ll be super fast with the simplest ones at the end.

  • Open all the necklaces that you are able to by the clasp, it will be much easier to untangle them this way.

  • Use a fine needle, as thin and straight tools will be your best allies to untangle your chains. A needle is the best option, but you can also use a sewing pin. Tuck it into the knots and move it from side to side. It is very useful to use two needles at the same time, doing circular movements. When you feel that the knots are loose enough, you can start using your fingers.

  • Lubricants are also a good idea. Oils or baby powder will loosen the knots quickly without much effort, helping your hands in the most intense points. As with the needle, when you feel that the knots are sufficiently loose, you can start using your fingers.

  • Once we have the most conflictive points loose, look for the tip of the chain (point where the chain is anchored to the clast). Got it? Slowly pass that tip through the loose holes that you have prepared repeatedly as many times as necessary, so that each time you have more loose chain in your hand.

  • Always handle the necklaces with gentle movements as the links of the thin chains are delicate. If you use a lot of pressure they can end up breaking.
  • And remember: Brain over brawn!

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