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The PDPAOLA Bible to holiday party behaviour

Pretty outfits, delightful drinks and endless laughter. That's the fun and memorable side of the party avalanche that comes with the Holiday season. But as the ghost of The Past Christmas is keen to remind you, it can get very messy when the host of invitations that you haven't RSVP'd to piles up on the calendar of social events. As all of this is happening, you have no clue what to wear to the parties and, in general, how you're supposed to behave in all of these events.

Even if your inbox is getting is not "avalanche" of invitations but a few "snowflakes," you must prepare yourself to add "party animal" to your Instagram bio. So read up and hold on tight to that glass of prosecco because these parties are about to be graced with your fierce, fun and delightful presence!

Start making your perfect 'guest plan' by figuring out what you want to wear. Nothing says "thank you for having me" like an outfit that shows you've made an effort to look your best. Even if it's an informal invitation or a casual outing, every little detail counts.

Of course, you can always fall back on trends to reaffirm your fashion connoisseur status. However, at PDPAOLA we are more inclined to wearing differentiating pieces. Take for example, a statement jumper or, better yet, a piece of jewelry that lets your genuine nature glow, and even serves as an icebreaker for its conversation-starting potential.

You know how it goes with party hosts, when you ask what to bring, they'll tell you, "your presence is enough." Ignore it! As the fun and thoughtful friend that you are, be sure to grab a bottle of something you know he or she will like. Don't know what to get? Just ask, firmly refusing to come empty-handed. Even if you just bring cookies, it will still be nice.

If you have the Christmas dinner plan, how chic would it be if you showed up with a bottle of wine that goes well with the food? Of course, you'd have to find out in advance what the hostess will be serving, which is surely easy. In any case, there's no need to go crazy over this. It doesn't always have to be about bringing drinks or food; there are tonnes of original gestures you can have with your hosts: flowers (that don't have to be put in water), fun decorations or a cotillion with hats and streamers, have fun!

And why not bring that spirit or have those lovely details in every kind of celebration? True, a family reunion is not the same as the office Christmas party or an intimate gathering with your best friends. But being a fun guest, while having fun at a party, doesn't mean you'll be dancing on the table by 3 am (although we do encourage it at least once this season!). You're smart enough to know that your behaviour has to adjust to the occasion, you are a boss lady after all; nothing shall prevent you from having a good time. Maybe your boss will dig the party hats, perhaps you and your aunt will end up dancing at a club. Anything can happen!

As pleasant as it is to be surrounded by familiar faces, don't skip the opportunity to expand your social circle if there are guests you don't know. Network but also allow yourself to get to know people on a deeper level. You'll be in for a pleasant surprise! Compliment someone on his or her outfit, mention how delicious the food is, or comment about something exciting happening in the city that weekend. Then, glass in hand, let the conversation flow naturally.

As the super-cool guest that you are, you will surely offer to help your friend during the party, particularly when the time to clean up comes around and everyone heads for the door. Your host may not need or want help, but you can always offer a pleasant conversation, play his or her favourite music or entertain other guests. There will always be something to contribute to making the experience more enjoyable.

When it's late and we've danced like there's no tomorrow, there's the temptation to 'throw a smoke bomb' and disappear à la Batman. In a big party, it's unlikely anyone will notice, but not so much in a smaller gathering. Beware of "Brexiting", a party. This means announcing that you are leaving to then remain in a string of endless farewells, 'threats' and so on. You get where the expression comes from, so don't do it, make up your mind.

At the end of the day, the intention is to multiply the memorable moments this holiday season. Beautiful things happen when we focus our energy and attention in every area of our lives, and that includes the party department, of course.

Dare to improvise and add your own party moves. And above anything else, do notice how great it feels to know that people are having fun in your company and that everyone is delighted in each celebration! Party, sleep, repeat!

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