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The PDPAOLA Ear Piercings Guide VOL II

VOL II | Piercing styling: Finding your ear piercing identity

You've taken the plunge and got your ears pierced. You also followed the tips in the Piercing Guide Vol. I and now your ears are ready to be adorned with a unique piercing combination that speaks to your personal style: your piercing identity.


Now, what do you think your piercing identity is?

Finding the perfect combination of piercings that reflects your style may not seem like the easiest task at first. The piercing trend aims to give an extra attention to your ears, but always being true to your personal style.

If you're still unsure about your piercing identity, here are the four main trends to follow. Which one is your favorite?


To capture minimalism in your ears, your allies are essential, simple and timeless jewelry pieces. Minimalist style has the power to adapt to any look, since it is based on clean lines and timeless classics. We don't want to overload the ear, but to embellish it with jewelry that exudes elegance and order.

We recommend that you look for a balance between both ears to create a sense of harmony. Minimalism at its best is embodied in our Angel earrings set, but if you prefer to introduce hoops to your ear look, try our diamonds and gold dual hoops combined with the diamonds and gold triple hoops. With this combination, you will achieve the perfect symmetry in your ears that will work all year round.

Another ideal option is our diamonds and gold Eternity earrings set because it includes all the necessary pieces to adorn your ear in the purest minimalist style.


Taking it to the other extreme, the maximalist style takes risks in the sizes and volumes of the pieces, in this case to achieve a harmonious disharmony. The key is to find sophisticated pieces, but with mixed shapes, sizes and colors to achieve a more disruptive look.

For events or even for everyday wear, try pairing the King earrings with the Spike earrings. They have an elegant yet eye-catching style. You can also experiment and create combinations with stone piercings such as the Eli or Lyn.


If your style is more daring, an eclectic piercing identity is for you. Different shapes, sizes, colors and styles that do not follow an established order.

If you want to make your look really unique, you can try combining the Super Vero earring with the Ema earring, followed by the Ava earring and/or the Nikita - the result will be innovative and fun. Sparkle, geometry and pendants - what more could you ask for?


If getting your ears pierced is not your thing, don't worry, you can also have fun decorating them. Ear cuffs stay in the ear without the need for a hole, so they are the perfect solution since you can place them in almost any area of your ear, and they give you incredible freedom to experiment.

The Alex and Alexia ear cuffs are among our best sellers, and you will definitely want to wear them all the time. You can also wear the Pegasus, which is a combination of earring and ear cuff.

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