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The right necklace: choose it wisely

Necklaces can be the ultimate touch to elevate any of your looks. Any day is a good day to wear a necklace, but certain events like graduations, anniversaries, parties, weddings or a date are special occasions to find the necklace that would look best on you. However, choosing the right necklace is not always an easy endeavor.

Necklaces: A few notions on length

There are four main types of necklaces according to their length. Chokers are the shortest in length and they are worn tightly against the neck. Very popular in the 90s, chokers made a comeback in recent years. Best thing about them? They look good with almost anything.

The next length is the most common one and it’s called princess. Lying slightly below the neck and resting below the collarbone, this necklace length is perfect for everyday wear and any event, from casual dinners to the most elegant ones.
The matineé necklace rests at the bust line, perfect to wear with cocktail dresses.
Finally, the longest necklace types are the opera length necklaces (typically between 28 and 37 inches long) and can both be worn long as a large single strand or short, as a two-strand choker style necklace.

How to get it right

Besides length, different factors will contribute to the final look of a necklace, but here we will focus on the main two: your face shape and the neckline of your outfit.
As we have seen on previous guides, it is important to analyse the shape of your face when choosing jewelry. Take a close look at the shape and width of your face (and neck) and then take it from there.

Oval faces are more versatile, since most necklaces' length will suit them. If your face is round a longer necklace will elongate it visually but if it is more square or heart shaped stick to shorter lengths to smooth your angles.

The neckline you are wearing is very important because it will determine whether your necklace is the focal point of your outfit or not. With a turtleneck jumper, for example, your neck will not be exposed so you might opt to not wear a necklace or, if you do, you should choose a long (or opera length) necklace or a bulky chain. However, with a strapless or off shoulder top your décolletage will be fully exposed, allowing you to go a bit wild and choose a very eye-catching necklace or keep it minimal with a choker or necklace featuring a gemstone.

For V-neck tops and cowl necklines it is a good idea to choose necklaces that match the shape of the V, like single-pendant necklaces, but it is best to avoid chokers as they might make your neck appear thicker.

Sweetheart's necks emphasize your neck, shoulders, and cleavage. Choose a necklace with a pendant so you can balance the space in your neckline, but take into account that the necklace shouldn’t be too long, as it will not look as elegant.

It might take some trial and error, but if you follow our guidelines and experiment a bit (always taking in mind your personal style and occasion) you’ll find the type of necklace that works best for you.

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