Giselle Collection

A refined yet sauvage jewelry collection. Elegance runs in your blood.

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Ring - 925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold plating
Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Ring - 925 Sterling Silver
Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Refined yet sauvage.
Elegance runs in her blood.

In a scenario with a beach at dawn, PDPAOLA’s latest collection is inspired by the inherent sophistication surrounding the parties of the Southern East Coast, embodying elegance as a state of mind.

The jewels from Giselle are a bold and delicate combination of organic shapes and white zirconias. Timeless designs that glow on their own and are inspired by the iconic and feminine Hollywood stars of the 70’s.

Giselle stands out from the rest, like a wildflower among the roses. With a hint of sensuous melancholy, self-determination glimmers with uniqueness against conventions.

The sophistication of the untamed is named Giselle.