Today, any woman who loves fashion creates her own style and identity. She cares about wearing pieces that show who she is and that are a reflection of her personality.
P D PAOLA is about making this possible in the jewelry field, designing pieces that are part of a well explained story in a settting of elegance and modernity. We believe in jewelry as a form of expression, a field in which endless materials and element combinations help shape an attitude.
Our collections are drawn around an inspiring fashion story, daring and dynamic, creating diversified lines from the very basic to more contemporary pieces. Carefully selected materials are the main ingredient to ensure every piece is unique and personal. P D PAOLA’s mission is to design little treasures for today’s elegant and modern women.
our legacy

Our commitment towards quality is inherent in all we do. From our factories to marketing the product, we work hard to bring exceptional products and services to life.

While the team is young, our employees have cut their teeth at relevant companies in the fashion industry. P D PAOLA is formed of a diverse group of talented individuals held together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. We currently work from our studio in Barcelona, Spain. 
Established in 2014 in the heart of Barcelona, our team started pursuing a dream. We haven't looked back since.