Aisha Collection
Aisha Collection

A collection that fights for women's freedom & rights.

Supporting Afrikable Foundation in their fight to help vulnerable women in Kenya.
5% of Aisha collection's income will be donated to the cause.

Creencias poderosas

Diseños poderosos

Colaborando con el empoderamiento femenino, la colección Aisha se ha diseñado en apoyo a Afrikable, una organización sin fines de lucro comprometida con el desarrollo y capacitación de las mujeres en Lamu, Kenia.

Transparencia para el progreso

Construyendo un futuro mejor

Afrikable has created a fair trade Project so that female workers can access equitable economic conditions and a friendly work environment. Workers’ children are guaranteed an education and their sexual and reproductive rights are protected.
5% of Aisha’s collection online revenues will go directly towards extending the Afrikable workshop, improving the equipment and the creation of a new maternity home.


El equipo

April 2019. PDPAOLA founder and three team members traveled to Kenya to learn about the Afrikable Foundation and help during their stay, Volunteering was a transcendental moment for everyone, both professionally and personally. In Paola’s words: “This experience opened our eyes, we simply felt the need to find the way to collaborate from PDPAOLA, as a brand and as people. Aisha is the result.”

Elegancia con raíces

Colores reales

Aisha se inspira en las formas y colores de la geografía del este de África.
Kindness and sophistication are the essence of this world and palette, colored in violet, apple, peach & cherry. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and with an 18 karat Gold plating, organic shapes lead the atmosphere of Aisha, turning into a vanguardist and timeless classics.

Detrás de aisha

Nombres con significado

Designs in Aisha are inspired by real women and children from Afrikable, as well as PDPAOLA’s experience in Lamu. This collection symbolizes the will to be alive and to prosper. Building a better future has never been so bright.


Afrikable means caring.

Aisha means sharing.


Saludos desde Kenya,