What are the 4 Cs?

No two diamonds are alike in our collection, each is unique to the core, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. The 4Cs is the universal guide that explains the unique characteristics of each diamond and their quality standards. These are: cut, clarity, color and carat.


CUT: ROUND BRILLIANT CUT WITH 57 FACETS The more faceted the diamonds' cut, the brighter the sparkle will be. This happens thanks to the internal reflection of the light, from one mirror-like facet to another.


Every diamond in our collection is cut and polished by hand; a process that is most definitely an art. Our diamonds have a round brilliant cut. With 57 facets, the best angles are obtained so that the diamond shines with its maximum brilliance. CLARITY: SI1 - NATURAL AND INVISIBLE SMALL INCLUSIONS


The clarity of diamonds measures their purity. In the international scale that evaluates it, our diamonds are categorized as SI1 standard (Small Inclusions). Our gemologists work closely with our goldsmiths to ensure each diamond is set in the most flattering way, ensuring the beauty of each gem is fully realised.




The GIA scale (Gemological Institute of America) determines the color pureness of a 

diamond with a scale: from ice white, or D color, to the warmest Z tone.


We work with almost colorless diamonds categorized as grade H, a very sinless white tone that allows for a perfect and abundant refraction of light, adding a magnetic sparkle to each diamond.




A carat is basically the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond. Being fairly accurate, one carat weighs 200 milligrams, or in other words, a fifth of a gram.


The designs in our Fine jewelry collection are based on an understated glamour to accompany you on a daily basis. Finding that balance, we have elaborated pieces based on diamonds from 0,1 carats to 0,5 carats that allow you to explore what it means to be a woman today through each of these timeless jewels.

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