I am bold. I am true. I am a woman.
The women’s day edition padlock.

An amulet standing for girls’ education and rights.
An essential symbol of strength and uniqueness.

Women’s Day 2021: a poem to ourselves The woman of today is talking to the woman of the future through a special padlock design, a very limited edition of 1000 units existing in the world, each one individually numbered. All their benefits will be donated in support to Plan International, a Foundation that fights for Vulnerable Girls’ Lifelong Learning. Our mission is to ensure that all women get the opportunity to engage with their passions, essence & inner confidence. The girls’ education movement is changing our world but girls can’t achieve equality alone, they need allies.

Through design: inspiring each other The contemporary woman emerges as the main inspiration, bringing the force and delicacy for growth and evolution. Pure white zirconias emerge from the sides in contrast with a black background, while the singular number of each padlock shows off as the main element, honoring our essence of uniqueness. Made of 925 silver with an 18k gold plating, these amulets are a daily reminder of strength and sisterhood: values we stand for and the ones we aspire to inspire in every woman who trusts us, day after day.

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Plan International: fighting for vulnerable girls We have the pleasure to team up with Plan International Foundation, that fights non stop for achieving a better future for women of tomorrow. These are their main working areas across generations and countries:

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Learning they fight for girls in conflictive situations to finish their education in a safe environment by guiding governments. Leadership they work to ensure that girls have a stronger voice, that governments reinforce laws that promote their rights. Decision-making they strive to ensure that girls control their own lives / bodies and that public institutions act for their rights. Prosperity they work to ensure girls grow up nurtured and without fear, making communities work together to end violence.

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I am a woman