A Name, a story: how jewelry expresses our identity

Jewelry is loaded with memory and meaning. As part of our personal style it also becomes a fundamental vehicle by which we express our social and cultural identity. Historically worn for personal adornment, jewelry has served as status symbol, it has represented tradition, religion, sentiment, commitment and even art.

But just as the many objects that come to influence our life, like clothing or music, necklaces earrings and bracelets make a statement about us as much as anything else we do, wear or have.

It all becomes part of our life, our story. A story that has begun even before we’re born and given a name.

Indeed, we choose pieces of jewelry that come to visually express our identity, but we don’t get to choose our name or the story that comes with it. There is a reason a certain name was chosen for us after all.

Your name becomes the first thing people hear when they meet you, it gives a first impression of where you come from, and whether you like it or not, you grow up around it and it becomes part of your story.

At the same time, the names of people we hear in our daily lives can evoke all sorts feelings, from love to nostalgia, from sadness to joy. There are thousands of associations we can make to different names, and a thousand more that can be associated to ours, but the beauty of it all is that we always have the power to create and shape our story. To create the meaning of our name.

For this reason, a letter necklace is a form of self-expression from that inner core of your identity. Beyond a declaration of your aesthetic style, it’s a celebration of you, it’s imbued of with the meaning of the story you have created for yourself. Of what makes you, YOU.

It’s no surprise such a sophisticated statement of identity has been distinctive for hundreds of years, even dating as far back as the 14th century. Today as the fabric of our society changes and women are embracing their femininity in new ways, letter initials can carry a significant message of female empowerment, self-love, confidence and strength.

It is, indeed, one of finest way to carry your internal dialogue out to the external world, to proudly state what you and your loved ones mean to you.

Behind every name there is a story, a soul. What’s your story?

Did you know? In fact, such is the power of our initials that we have a tendency to like them better than any other letters of the alphabet. To the point that it can influence our choice of partner, place to live and other personal choices. This is known as a psychological theory called ‘the name-letter effect’ and it was first identified by the Belgian psychologist Jozef Nuttin in 1985.

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