Citric Collection

Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold plating

Citric 系列诞生于Toscana(托斯卡纳)的夏日阳光之下,力求展现强大自然的女性魅力。

珠宝展现了一系列清新的夏日色调。系列采用 925 纯银 18K 镀金经过精心打磨制成,珍珠母贝上饰有手工精心镶嵌的金色、琥珀色、紫色、白色和蓝色水晶。

A collection set in the dreamy scenario of a mediterranean villa. Surrounded by fruit trees, the scent of lemon & mint fills the air. Colorful birds chirp around. Breeze softly rocking a golden silk dress.

Get into the summer oasis.
Embrace your inner goddess.