DOGS&CO Collection
DOGS&CO Collection

Their name. Your story.

Inspired by the emotional bond between humans and animals, the Dogs&Co signature capsule is a collection of unique letter pet charms: a sophisticated and touching statement that celebrates love, friendship, and loyalty.

Countless shades of labradorite, aquamarine, and zircons are the protagonists of these charms; hand-carved semi precious stones are set in a delicate round disc plated in 18k gold. The design stands out with an industrial-style hook that secures the charm onto your best friend’s collar. Specially created to match the letters collection and make the ultimate statement with both your initials.

A unique declaration of how special your fluffy friend is to you. A daily reminder of the power of bonds and affection.

Always by your side.
Always your best friend.


The Limited Edition Letters Pet Charms by PDPAOLA.