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2020 in review: the tough, the good and the bits we’ll cherish forever

Ok, so let’s get the obvious out of the way first. When we rang in 2020, welcoming the beginning of a new decade, all we would think about was the usual year’s resolutions. January felt like such a simple time. No one ever even imagined the world would change so much just a few weeks with a pandemic bringing the world to its knees.

It’s been challenging indeed. However, we refuse to succumb to the gloom and doom. This year has it’s silver linings too: it’s also been a year of learning and creativity, appreciating what we’ve taken for granted and enjoying every bit of goodness life has to offer! Here we want to look back at our path and reflect on good moments and positive things that have happened along the way.

In January we welcomed the year with the Engrave Me collection, celebrating and honoring those people we treasure in our heart. Little did we know then, how much we would come to treasure these human connections.
Then came Arizona, which we launched in February. It now serves as a reminder on how wild are our hearts and to never stop dreaming.

In April we rendered a little homage to the kindness of our furry heroes bringing joy to our lives with the launch of Dogs&Co.; a series of letter charms for your animal companions.
Want to know about another cool thing that happened that month? Spotify rolled out personalised daily wellness playlists with inspiring and relaxing podcasts and music for their users! (BTW, have you seen PDPAOLA’S playlists?)

Then came May and we decided it was time to go all in with colour with our Atelier collection. Indeed, with so many of us taking to home projects, drawing inspiration from the ateliers of artists made all the sense in the world.

Now mid-year, with the launch of Cavalier in June, we needed a little reminder to gear up our inner warriors. The fight is far from over, and we continue to rise (looking more fabulous than ever) as the lockdown lifts and some “normalcy” is on the horizon.

As we all slowly “bloom” back into the world, there was no better time to launch a collection like Blossom. We deserved a spring after all. What’s more, nature is happier than ever after a much-deserved break from us humans.

Indeed, the planet received a breath of fresh air during quarantine: pollution levels dropped significantly all over the world. These times have definitely made us all a bit more conscious of our environment.

This was in our thoughts when conceiving our buzzing Zaza collection earlier in the year and preparing it for its September launch. We wanted to help nature in some way so we partnered up with Eden Projects to have a tree planted for every Zaza jewel sold. The commitment to sustainability is a path with a long journey still on our part, and we are happy that 2020 has been the year to take responsibility for ourselves and the planet.

And so, almost without realizing it, autumn passed and winter arrived. We end the year as we started it: with new designs in the Engrave Me collection. In this new world, caring for your loved ones is more essential and important than ever. So we're celebrating love once again with these new customizable basics.

To close, we would like to make a simple reflection: having lived this year makes us affirm once again that it all comes down to valuing the little things. Appreciate the warm sunlight, a look of affection, a hug. Being grateful for having people around us to share with is perhaps the greatest life lesson we've learned so far.

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