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Black Friday 2021: A few tips to shop consciously

Black Friday Sales are just around the corner. While some people go crazy shopping on Black Friday, other consumers are opting for a conscious and more ethical approach. The Black Friday Dilemma: to shop or not to shop...? That is the question.

Born in the US in the 60s, Black Friday is currently a worldwide phenomenon. It is actually one of the most important events on the retail calendar, even considered the biggest shopping day. Hence, it is easy to get carried away by the Black Friday fever because deals just feel so good. But this also means we will be breaking the bank and will probably find ourselves full of regrets.

However, you can keep things under control by setting some rules (and trying not to break them). Here you have some tips to go big (and smart) on Black Friday 2021:

  • Make a realistic budget: If you plan ahead the total amount of money you can spend on Black Friday, everything will go smoothly. Your budget for Black Friday must be like “the red line you shall never cross”. When we talk money, a few more dollars/Euros do make a difference.

  • Make a Wish List before the day: Planning your must-haves for Black Friday is not a waste of time. Think of your favourite brands and products and add them to your list. Making this list will make you think twice about the things you want to buy and might prevent the spontaneous impulse of buying things you might regret later. It is also a good idea to ask yourself some questions: Do I need this? How many times will I use it? Or a Marie Kondo: does this spark joy?

  • Present hunting: Since you can find deals on almost all kinds of products on Black Friday, it is clever to think of some presents you might have to be giving in the near future. Maybe your mum’s birthday is coming up? An anniversary? Or maybe you want to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way? Black Friday is the perfect time to get those presents in advance and save some cash.

  • Compare deals: Be smart - never choose the first option you see (unless you 100% want a certain brand). If you have a list of products you want to buy, try to research different brands and find the best deals. Dive into brands’ shopping pages and try to spot the best discounts and products.

  • Invest in quality pieces: This is THE opportunity to buy products that you will cherish, if not forever, for a very long time. Approaching Black Friday from a more conscious perspective means looking for quality items, thinking quality over quantity, and treating yourself to something very special.

  • Support responsible companies: Our impact as consumers is made by what companies we support. Do your research and purchase from brands that support the issues you care about, or brands that try to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Buying products with purpose elevates the meaning of shopping. A good example is our Zaza Collection: for every piece of jewelry purchased from the collection, a tree is planted. Follow this mantra on Black Friday 2021 and you will give it an extra meaning.
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