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Chains: What's Behind their Name VOL II

In the first volume of our article on chains we told you about some of the types of chains you should know of if you want to become an expert in the field (you would impress all your friends for sure). But we didn’t even cover half of it, hence the need for a second volume.

Continue reading to discover more about the many different types of chains and why you should add them to your “chainventory”.

San Marco Chain

If you like bold, voluptuous and chic, the San Marco chain was designed for you. It is a chain formed by an elongated cylinder rolled together. Best thing is that, despite its size, the chain is hollowed inside, so it does not weigh on your neck.

It is the ideal chain to wear in summer with an open neckline, but it can also be a statement piece in winter over a turtleneck sweater. One thing is for certain: it will turn heads.

Cable Chain

In this extensive list of chain types, we could not miss the mythical and essential cable chain. A staple that will work for any occasion and decorate your neck elegantly.

The cable chain is made up of identically oval links interconnected with each other. It is probably the most common design in the world of chains, and also the most timeless and versatile.

Rolo Chain

Rolo chain is the “round” variation of a cable chain. It features round links that can vary in width and thickness and give it its unique charm. Two fine examples of a rolo chain are our Neo chain, a great everyday staple, or the Jazz chain for more of a statement.

Tennis Chain

One of the crown jewels in the world of chains. It cannot be missing in your collection if you are looking for a classic and glamorous piece.
The Tennis chain was originally made of diamonds set on a gold chain, but there are currently versions with white zirconia or even colored stones.

Elegant and chic as well as durable, it is the perfect chain for your evening looks, but remember: If your night stretches out, do not forget to take it off before bed.
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