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Chains: What's Behind their Name VOL I

In case you hadn’t noticed, we really want you to become a chain expert. We already told you about their evolution over time, but did you know that chains have different names depending on their characteristics? After reading this article, and next time you go in search of a new one, you will know exactly what you’re looking for.


Bead chain

Commonly known as "ball chain", this piece of jewelry is made up of small balls or spheres that are embedded in the chain. The distance and size of these spheres can vary, you just have to choose the bead chain that best fits your style.

It is a very elegant and, above all, versatile piece of jewelry. A safe bet if you combine it with a total black look.

Rope chain

Its name doesn't lie. The rope chain seeks to imitate the appearance of a rope: it is made up of small metal links that wind around each other and simulate the strands of a rope.

It's a very resistant piece (crazy-night-proof) and easy to combine in everyday life. It will add a casual touch to any look, and is the ideal companion to a good pair of jeans.

Box chain

Formed by the union of square links, the box chain contrasts its geometric appearance with the fluidity of its movement. Like the rope chain, it is also very strong.

It is the ideal piece if you are looking for an everyday chain with personality and style. Perfect to combine with thinner and more delicate chains.

Snake chain

Called this way because its movement is reminiscent of snakes, we like the snake chain for its shape and shine: it illuminates your neck as well as the features of your face. Just keep in mind that it's a little more delicate than other chain styles, as its links are intertwined in a completely rigid way. Our number one tip is to avoid sleeping with it.

The snake chain is a very versatile accessory that you can wear every day of the year. It works with any look and any occasion. You'll love it without a doubt.

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