Blossom Collection
Blossom Collection


Embracing change and transformation, signature collection Blossom is a praise for renewal. Inspired by the resilience and delicacy of flora, Blossom is about finding strength in vulnerability.

Loose petals and flowers decorate earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets carefully polished and made of 925 Sterling silver plated in 18k Gold. Dainty blue zirconias give the final brushstrokes to designs that glow with a unique retro vibe.

Les fleurs sont la promesse d’un nouveau départ. Un esprit joyeux pour souhaiter la bienvenue à la plus belle des saisons. La floraison comme chance d’atteindre un état supérieur de bienveillance.

This is Blossom
The season (and reason) to bloom.